Tinker 2 Design Development

by admin on April 12, 2010

Now that I have prepared a preliminary Lines Plan for Tinker 2 the next step will be to produce a small scale, 1:10, hull model. Whilst the 3D facility in Maxsurf allows me to view the hull form from any angle, and is a real aid to Design, actually building a small scale hull model helps to reinforce confidence in the hull form. The Sail Plan is developing and again the emphasis here is on simplicity.

Following are several Images of the faired hull and a Body Plan which will give a good indication of the hull form and I believe reveal a nicely balanced hull. Also attached are my initial thoughts on the Sail plan.

One comment I have received suggested a conventional cabin rather than the Blister style I have chosen and of course this is a personal preference of mine, which I feel will give a safer working platform, but can easily be modified should an owner desire.

As always your comments and thoughts are most welcome.

Alan Newton  C.Eng. M.R.I.N.A.

fwd quarter


aft quarter

body plan

sail plan

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